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NEW GUITARIST - 22 Jun 2008

So Summer has arrived, and as mentioned to our auditionees we set the start of the season as the deadline for announcing a new guitarist.

Before we announce it we want to thank the hundreds of you who messaged us about the spot, and even more to the several dozen of you who ACTUALLY MADE THE EFFORT to learn and record the demo songs we asked you to record for us. We had some phenomenal (and even decently well known) players come forth with serious shred skill. Thanks a bunch! We salute you all as new friends and brothers!

And with that we are happy to announce YORD into the band as CELLADOR's 2nd guitarist. We feel YORD is a perfect fit in CELLADOR because he quickly showed to have all the elements we needed in a band member. Not only does he have an energetic playing style, but also a strong work ethic, selfless attitude, and above all an honest nature. The guy takes guitar like its a full time job, 8-5 Monday thru Friday SHRED SHRED SHRED all day long. On top of that we found him to be local to us as well, which bottom line is always an advantage for someone auditioning. Despite only having about 12 days to learn our whole set, Yord learned all our songs and filled in for our last show back in May, which we set up as basically a test show for whomever we were most considering. MISSION SUCCEEDED YORD

We look forward to reaching that next level with YORD at our side! With his addition our new material is looking stronger than ever!

Thanks again to those who auditioned or otherwise kept up with us through this epic monumental quest for a guitar player. SHRED ON!

UPDATE - 12 Mar 2008

My dearest Celladorks,

Sorry for the lack of updates! The band is currently without a webmaster and must update the website ourselves (with our menial web skills ).

Lots of new things if you haven't been keeping up with our myspace page! The band is currently making progress towards new material, and as of right now are expecting to enter the studio in mid-2008 for a release later this same year. Sit tight and keep cranking ENTER DECEPTION a few times more for us, we appreciate your patience!

Unfortunately we had some setbacks and delays. CELLADOR and guitarist Bill Hudson have decidedly parted ways. We hate to have to unleash the drama of yet another member change on you, but unfortunately circumstances outside the band and within have unfolded which would make it rather difficult to continue on together in the future. There's no feud or bad blood, rather in simple terms its just a conflict of vision and personal ambition. Bill is a tremendous player and will always be a good friend of the band. We wish him the best!

With Bill's parting of ways also goes some original material CELLADOR had planned on using for album 2 that we no longer feel we have the right to use. So consequently we will need to replace this with newer material, all the while finishing up our other songs.

Priority #1 will continue to be writing and rehearsing, but during this period we certainly will accept any auditions for the guitar position, as we will need to decide on a replacement before touring and hopefully before recording again. All interested players can email us at with a short bio and clips of your playing. You will be asked to record CELLADOR songs to be seriously considered.

Check us out on myspace for further updates!

LOUD PARK '07 Pics posted - 24 Oct 2007

A bunch of live pics from CELLADOR's recent performance at LOUD PARK '07 in Saitama City, Japan have been posted on the fest's website:

Also don't forget to check out OUR own pics collection we took from LOUD PARK at our official myspace:

All of us in CELLADOR would like to thank the tens of thousands of devout metal fans and friends who attended the fest and made the band's first performance in Japan one of our greatest experiences yet!! We look forward to playing Japan again in the VERY near future!!


CELLADOR Live Video posted online! - 04 Sep 2007

A collection of live clips from CELLADOR's recent show in Omaha, NE on 8/25/07 have been posted on youtube, dubbed to "Never Again" off ENTER DECEPTION.


Many thanks to the All Out Aggression guys for the awesome collection of vids!

CELLADOR on Guitar Freaks/Drumania! - 23 Aug 2007

Check out these vids of people playing GUITAR FREAKS/DRUMANIA to "Leaving All Behind" in the Japanese arcades!



CELLADOR LIVE! - 26 Jul 2007

Since we've announced our appearence at this year's LOUD PARK fest we've recieved messages from fans who wanna see us live. To those of you attending LOUD PARK, check out our live videos on UVTV to get a preview of our live show:

Cellador LIVE video posted - 23 Jan 2007

UVTV has posted a live CELLADOR video clip of the song "A Sign Far Beyond" from The Palladium in Worcester, MA... check it out:

Many thanks to UVTV for the great job on the video!!

More to come soon...

Photo Gallery - 11 Jan 2007

Be sure to check out the CELLADOR photo gallery also hosted on! I'm in the process of uploading a bunch of random pics from 2003-2006 for everybody to finally see...

CELLADOR in current issue of REVOLVER - 10 Jan 2007

Check out the current issue of REVOLVER Magazine for a half page article/interview on CELLADOR. Out in newstands now!

By the way let us know if you ever find other press on us, we'll post it laughing !

SITE BACK ONLINE! - 06 Jan 2007

Finally the Official CELLADOR Website is back online! Our apologies for the long wait... rest assured it was entirely our own faults and laziness that kept it from finally being unveiled. crying

So yea, some of the sections are still under construction, as if you didn't expect that from us already. The media section shall be online soon, featuring press, pics, videos, and some random musical quips and adventures outside of ENTER DECEPTION that we've taken upon ourselves during this period of downtime. Also our personal online shop shall soon be host to a whole slew of new CELLADOR merch and memorabilia, some of which will be exclusively available online. For now we have the bare bones selection, but don't hesitate to have yourself a look as 100% of sales goes to us the band :)

The turn of the year has all of us Celladorks extremely optimistic and excited as more and more events and plans are being unveiled for our operations in 2007. Rest assured this will certainly be our busiest and brightest year yet... so don't forget to stay with us for the whole thing!

Don't forget to check us out on tour supporting ALL THAT REMAINS! The dates are posted now!

More to come soon!

smile smile smile smile

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