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NEW REVIEW: ‘Best of 2017’ Review from Metal Nexus


Metal Nexus posted an incredibly praiseworthy review of our new album..

“Cellador has long been one of my favorite bands for some time and am not one bit disappointed with Off the Grid, even after hyping myself up for almost a year now. This is the Cellador we have all come to know and love, just with a more singular voice that is now immediately identifiable. Love, love, love this album and yet another preemptive addition to my Best of 2017 list I have already started to compile. This album is important as it represents Cellador stepping from the shadows into the bright spotlight they so well deserve! The fuse has been lit. Can’t wait to see where this rocket takes them from here!”

Absolutely humbled at the massive support for our new album “OFF THE GRID”, out now worldwide on Scarlet Records

See the full review here:

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