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NEW REVIEW: Sea of Tranquility (4 out of 5 star album rating)


Another 4 Star Review of our new album from Sea of Tranquility Webzine!

“As I soon discovered Off The Grid is one top metal album, Cellador still have a thirst for speedy power metal and Petersen is an impressive vocalist with an appealing style. The blistering guitar work is excellent once again with scorching solos a plenty, and the addition of keyboards sure doesn’t detract from their sound. There is no extended tracks on Off The Grid as such just a fun collection of stirring metal tunes that hit the spot and will keep you coming back for more. Fans of those like Dragonforce and Power Quest whom also have new albums out this year should check out Off The Grid, and if you thought Enter Deception was impressive well just wait till you hear Off The Grid as you sure wont be disappointed.”
More reviews coming!

Check it out:

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