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NEW REVIEW: ‘Best of 2017’ Review from Metal Nexus


Metal Nexus posted an incredibly praiseworthy review of our new album.. “Cellador has long been one of my favorite bands for some time and am not one bit disappointed with Off the Grid, even after hyping myself up for almost a year now. This is the Cellador we have all come to know and love, […]

NEW REVIEW: 8.5/10 Review from AMPED UP


NEW REVIEW: 8.5 / 10 Review of ‘Off the Grid’ from Dutch metal webzine Amped Up Translated from Dutch: “Superb are the duels between the guitar and keyboards, more frequently present than even on their debut. However, be warned, because I think the dizzying speeds are not for everyone, and for some people may lead […]

NEW INTERVIEW: Sick and Destroy magazine


Sick And Destroy webzine just posted a new interview with Cellador vocalist/guitarist Chris P.. talking about the new album, etc etc. Check it out below:

NEW REVIEW: 9/10 rating from The Metal Observer


NEW REVIEW: Another amazing 9/10 album rating of “Off the Grid”, this time from The Metal Observer A very small snippet: “At the end of the day, Off the Grid is a tremendous album that will surely wind up on many year-end lists. There are a few noticeable changes in sound from the debut but […]

NEW REVIEW: 9/10 rating from TUTTOROCK


A 9/10 rating and stellar review of our album from Italian website TUTTOROCK Translated from Italian: “The single ‘Off the Grid’ rather captures the essence of the entire work of Cellador ; impeccable technique, incredible energy, and a sound worthy of Helloween, Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. Brief way to describe this album? A charismatic, overwhelming […]

OFF THE GRID Track by Track video


Check out our official ‘Off the Grid’ Track by Track breakdown on youtube now! In the video, Chris gives a few thoughts on each song off the new album as well as his opinions on how each song turned out. Subscribe to our new youtube channel while at it for all the latest video updates […]

Cellador in BURRN! Magazine Japan


We’re in the March 2017 issue of Burrn! Magazine Japan with a great review and page ads.. getting some good press out East 🇯🇵 Our new album ‘Off the Grid’ is out now! Get your copy today \m/

NEW REVIEW: Rockway in Greece


Rockway webzine in Greece gave an excellent review of our new album. Translated from Greek: “…the more I listen to the album, the more I like it, reminding me of the good times of Edguy and Brainstorm, with the return of Cellador exceeding all expectations (regardless if it is too early to compare the debut)” […]

NEW REVIEW: 9.5/10 Review from Dead Rhetoric webzine


Incredible review! “Rare is the day this scribe would say a decade off the grid (pun intended) has improved the stature of a band, and with this record they are back in the right way. Stronger, more versatile, and still keeping the Cellador power/speed roots on hand yet adding a more commercial sheen vocally to […]

NEW REVIEW: Lyrical Spell Magazine


Lyrical Spell Magazine posted a great review of our new album ‘Off the Grid’ “To conclude this review, Cellador are making a great come-back with this larger-than-life, and fierce album so brace yourselves for Heavy Melodic Power Metal with soaring choruses, insane guitars and well-written songs! Highly recommend “Off the Grid” as it can be […]

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